Discover your winning style with Backgammon Wizard!

BackgammonWizard shop (BACKGAMMONWIZARD.COM) is focused on creating a variety of ‘backgammon culture’ products and fun social initiatives to promote growth in the backgammon community.

We are proudly creating and expanding our captivating collection of backgammon-themed gifts -- clothing, fashion accessories, and household treasures. From trendy apparel to chic mugs and water bottles, elevate your everyday with a touch of timeless sophistication

Find BackgammonWizard at USBGF tournaments -- keep your eyes open for our stack of business cards and the various possibilities of scavenger hunts, puzzles, and raffle door prizes we are running! 

We are also establishing long term relationships thru collaboration with the biggest and most reputable backgammon clubs in the world.

With BackgammonWizard, clubs are hosting and designing customized merchandise products from basic t shirts, to premium quality polos and travel mugs, and receiving a portion of profits as ‘commission’ when any of their  club's members shop with us!


- BGWizard Team

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